Danish Condensed Milk Bangladesh Limited

Danish Condensed Milk Bd. Ltd. is the most rewarding unit of Partex Group; the unit produces Danish Condensed Milk in 397 Gm. cans, Danish Milk Powder in 1000 Gm. & 500 Gm. sachet packs and Mango & Orange Juice in 250 ml aseptic packs. Danish Condensed Milk is the first in the Condensed Milk Industry started operation during the year 1991 in the country and possessing the leading position in the local market. Presently Danish Condensed Milk is being exported in Nepal, Bhutan and some parts of India in bulk quantity. It has been well appreciated in those markets as a result it is expanding day by day in foreign markets. For quality management Danish Condensed Milk bd. ltd. has achieved the ISO certificate. It also has achieved HACCP certificate for maintaining stringent quality in all phases of production.

The factory of Danish Condensed Milk Bangladesh Ltd. is located at Shimrail, Kanchpur, Narayanganj. It covers two major production ranges, “Danish” Sweetened Condensed Milk and “Silver Cross” Full Cream Sweetened Condensed Milk, both in tin containers of 397 grams. Being the market leader, latest developed recombination, pasteurization and flash cooling DTD (Danish Turnkey Daoroes) technology are used to make both these products which are fit for international standard.