Partex Power Generation Company Ltd.

Electricity is one of the key potency of modern civilization and in other words, it’s the back-bone of all development activities of any country. But the current electricity generation capacity in Bangladesh is not sufficient enough to meet the demand of the country which is causing hindrance in the development of industrial, commercial, agricultural and other social sectors. Moreover, the load demand is increasing at faster rate which needs more power plants to generate electricity for supporting the activities for development of the country. Despite this, the Government is committed to provide electricity for all by 2021. To cope-up with the growing load demand as well as to comply with the policy of the Government sufficient electricity generation needs to be added. The above scenario stimulates Partex Star Group to step into power generation sector with its concern “Partex Power Generation Company Limited”.

Though Partex Power Generation Company is a new enterprise but it is highly experienced as it’s consisted of skilled human resources from sheer power sector. With a vision to become the most respected organization in electric generation sector of Bangladesh, Partex Power Generation Company is committed to innovative growth, through our personal passion, reinforced by a professional mindset and creating value for all those we touch. Recognizing the value of constant improvement, we reach beyond compliance to advance our process and develop more efficient energy.