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Star Particle Board Mills Limited

Particle Board is an agro-based substitute of wood. Through the continuous improvement of production process, Partex Boards has been producing its particle board products for the last 60 years. It helps to conserve timber and wood resources and provides the product with excellent properties, cheap and eco-friendly features. It is a substitute of sawn and sized timber and therefore, prevents deforestation by strengthening the ecological balance. Particle board is proved to be superior in many aspects than natural timber.

Within the whole gamut of raw materials used, none has proved to be as versatile as jute stalks, the parent raw material of Partex Boards. Jute stalks are chipped, milled, conditioned and glued forming a composite workable slab, which take final shape of boards under specific heat and pressure.
The boards are produced in a modern and highly sophisticated automatic plant at Star Particle Board Mills Limited. In structure, Partex Boards is a raw material of great mechanical strength which can withstand all seasonal changes and also resist termite and fungal attacks.

Partex Boards offer multiple choices of Plain (Woodex, Jutex), Ply, Veneered and Melamine boards in different thickness and textures. This material can be used in interior decoration, furniture, door and door frames, partitions, false ceilings, shelves and panels for the home, office and commercial establishment.