General Terms & Conditions

i)  Applications for reservation of apartments shall be made on the prescribed application form duly signed by the applicant along with the Booking Money.

ii)  Down Payment will be made within 30 days of application.

iii) Allotment will be made on “first come first serve basis”.

iv) The company reserves the right to accept or reject any application without    assigning any reason there to.

v) The reservation may treat as cancelled if the down payment is not received within 30 (tirty) days of signing application.

After receipt of the application form and down payment, Partex Builders Ltd & the Buyer will enter into an unregistered agreement. The applicant / allottee shall then start making payments as per the schedule of payment. Until the full payment of all installments and other charges are made the buyer shall not have the right to transfer the allotment to a third party.

Mode of payment
All payment of booking money, down payment, installment, charges for additional works and other charges shall be made by cross cheque, bank draft or pay order in favour of Partex Builders Limited.

Cancellation of Booking
Any Delay in payments beyond the schedule date will make the allottee liable to pay a delay charge of  2% per month on the amount of payment delayed. If the payments delayed beyond 60 days, the company shall have the right to cancel the allotment. In such an event the amount paid by the allottee will be refunded after deducting 10% of the total sales price only after resale of the Apartment.

Should the allottee desire a Housing loan, the company will do all that is possible to help secure the loan. But this will not be subject of delay of the scheduled payment.

Documentation and other Services Charges
The buyer / allottee will pay transfer fee, stamp duties, registration fee, vat, Gain Tax, documentation charges and other miscellaneous expenses likely to be incurred in connection with the deed of agreement, registration, transfer etc. Only the actual sums shall be charged.

Incidental cost
Connection fees, security deposits and incidental expenses / charges relating to gas, water supply, sewerage, and power connections are not included in the price of the apartment. The buyers shall reimburse all the expenses incurred by the company on these accounts to the company separately.

Company’s right
The company may bring minor changes in the specification, design, layout of the apartment or project only if this becomes necessary. The applicant shall not without the prior written consent of the company transfer, convey, mortgage, change or in any manner encumber, deal with or dispose of the rights and benefits till all dues of whatsoever nature to the company are fully paid up against the particular apartment and car parking.

Hand over
The possession of each Apartment and parking space shall be handed over to the allottee on full payment of installments and other charges and dues. Prior to this, the possession of Apartment will rest with the company.

Owner’s co-operative society
The buyer must become member of the Owner’s Co operative Society which will be formed by all apartments’ owners. The maintenance of common facilities and management of general affairs of the project will be looked after by the co-operative society. Members will abide by the rules framed by the Co-operative Society.